Heat management for the whole house with Easypell

Heat management for the entire home

Heat accumulator hot water shower


The system provides domestic hot water management for all purposes in the home, (bathroom, kitchen and others) trough separated DHW tank, direct coil or module on buffer.
Wood pellet boiler Easypell at home


The system works fully automatically. Just fill up the hopper once a week and remove the ash once a month without any adjustment. Clearing of the boiler just once a year.
Heating thermostat pellets

03 - Renewable energy

Wood pelletes are clean, cheap and come form an endless source. Our combustion reduces emission to a minimum level and fulfills strictest standards.
Woman fills storage tank

04 - Hopper included

You enjoy more autonomy with the big hopper, 165kg for 16/20kW and 190kg for 25/32kW.
Pellet boiler Easypell buffer logic


The new controller allows to connect a buffer tank, also with DHW and automatic summer/winter recognition.
Heating system Heating management


You can operate up to three independent circuits with thermostat, connect an outdoor temp sensor and also use an external heat controller.


Applicable for radiator, underfloor and wall heating, or a combination of any systems.
Solar power system on roof

08 - Solar system

Combinable with photovoltaic or thermal solar systems to load extra energy available from the sun direct to a buffer for DHW and heating. So you can save pellets and avoid boiler starts off season.
Temperature control outdoor winter summer

09 - Outside temperture regulated

With our weather dependent power control, you get an automatic boiler adjustment according to outside temperature conditions. That saves energy and gives you a more comfortable indoor climate.

Product Characteristics

The focus on the essential brings you remarkable beneftis
Pellet boiler Functionality


Logo Efficient


Thanks to our special boiler ­design together with our ­constant sensor monitoring, we can optimize the fuel consumtion and efficiency under any circumstances, automatically without manual adjustments.

Logo quality


Easypell boilers are designed and built in Austria under the ÖkoFEN standard. More than 70.000 units working with this system worldwide, makes you expect a reliable and trouble free operation for years.

Logo safety


Back burn safety valve, integrated return flow heating, soft start and controlled wood gas burning temperature are arguments for a safe and long last operation without intervention.

Logo Flexible Power Range

Flexible power range

Due to our flexible power adjustment system and approved long term maximum power output you can use Easypell for almost all single family household heating requirements, domestic hot water and pool heating. But also for smaller industrial use, wherever thermal energy is required.

Logo Low emissions

Low emissions

With Easypell you demonstrate care about the environment.We fulfill EN 303-5 Class 5 boiler standard same as Ecodesign ERP and almost all country standards for reducing pollution subsidy programs.

Logo Low maintenance technology

Low maintenance ­technology

Due to the automatic cleaning unit and burner deashing, there is only one yearly cleaning maintenance necessary. The large volume ashtray permits to store the ash and empty it only every 1-2 month.

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