Product characteristics

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Burner with RCB-system Re-Circulating Burner system requires no lambda sensor and is more efficient

Compact controller Clear display screen, simple to use

Stainless steel secondary combustion unit High efficiency wood gas combustion unit runs at 800°C, low emissions, long life, fast response to changes in load.

Burner plate Self-cleaning burner plate

cleans the boiler heat exchanger maintain optimum efficiency

Pinpoints a "beam" of superheated air, igniting a small area of fuel (low energy - only 250W)

Completely safe with double gas-tight seals

Built in system with no moving parts, protects from condensation and corrosion inside the boiler. No additional fittings required.

ECO-System Efficient Control and Optimisation of the combustion process by combustion chamber temperature and pressure sensing. The combustion chamber sensing system quickly detects variations in fuel quality and automatically adapts the combustion control settings.

Improved safety and efficiency with combustion chamber and flue system pressure sensing

with top loader for manuel filling with pellets

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