Remarkable benefits

Semi-automatic heat exchanger cleaning system

   - No manual cleaning required

   - Permanently high efficiency = less pellets consumption

Self-cleaning burner plate

   - No manual cleaning required

   - No external air compressor required

   - No moving parts

Automatic ignition

    - Approved, more than 60.000 in operation worldwide

   - Low power, just 250 Watt

Certified burn-back protection system

   - Approved safe solution

   - More than 60.000 systems in operation worldwide

   - No photosensor required

Integrated preheated return

   - Approved system

   - Without any moving parts and no sensors

   - Protect the boiler against corrosion

Automatic fuel diagnostic system

   - No calibration required

   - Simple and quick start up

   - Automatic adjustment in case of using different pellets

   - Permantly optimised combustion

Speed-controlled-combustion fan

   - Avoid overpressure inside the boiler

Ready to plug in

Easypell performs like a gas boiler


Pellet fuel feeds the primary combustion from underneath without disturbing the „burn” the ­products of this combustion are wood gasses, these rise into the stainless steel secondary combustion unit, where more air is injected, the mixture burns at around 800°C. In effect this is a modulating gas burner using the wood gas. These very hot gasses are then re-circulated around this unit giving a tertiary combustion. The hot gasses then pass through the heat exchangers giving up their energy to the boiler water.

Remarkable benefits

Output RANGE

Easypell 16      5 - 16 kW

Easypell 20      6 - 20 kW

Easypell 25      8 - 25 kW

Easypell 32    10 - 32 kW


Easypell boilers modulate down to 30% of their rated output without loss of effi ciency; they also cycle, turning off completely when not required. The boiler is just available for manual filling.


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