EASYPELL Pellet Boiler Installation Christchurch NZ

Key data

  • Private home, Christchurch
  • EASYPELL 20kW boiler with 165kg on board hopper
  • Connected to home central heating system with radiators
  • Installed by H2Flow Plumbing, Christchurch
  • Weather compensated boiler output control with on board sensor
  • PWM Wilo high efficiency pump
  • Heating system control using external thermostat & controller

"We are REALLY excited about these boilers!"

Feedback from Jonathon Toulson, H2Flow Plumbing & Heating, Christchurch pellet boiler installer.

“ The system went together really easily and was a breeze to setup."

  • The controls are easy to use and the setup is clear.
  • Once all the inputs, like the pump and sensors, were connected to the boiler it recognised all the components and we got them functioning with a few clicks on the controller.
  • The boiler worked as soon as the basic programme was set.
  • We were really surprised at how clean burning the boiler is. We went outside to look for smoke from the flue but there wasn’t any so we thought maybe the boiler had stopped. Going back inside the house we checked it was still operating and sure enough the boiler was heating at 100% capacity and there was no flue gas visible from the chimney.
  • There was no combustion commissioning to be done before lighting it for the first time. We just increased the pellet feed in to the boiler and it lit immediately.
  • We are really impressed by the quality of the components, the engineering of the complete system and the amount of thought that has been put in to the little details. You can just tell that the manufacturers know what they are doing and have a great deal of experience with these systems.